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The two key components of our capacity building efforts are the unique Airborne Infection Control Course and the Fellowship Program through NIH’s Fogarty International Center.

In partnership with University Research Co. (URC), and supported by USAID, the Building and Engineering Approaches to Airborne Infection Control Course is a 2-week course offered to a global student body annually in Boston.  An abbreviated 1-week version has been offered at a number of foreign sites in recent years, including South Africa and Peru.  Drawing upon an international roster of faculty expertise, and the unique resources of  theHarvard/Longwood medical area in Boston, the course provides hands-on training for individuals able to meaningfully impact airborne infection control efforts in their home organizations.

Our Fogarty Training grant, now in it’s 5th year, provides salary and materials support for post-doc fellows training in Engineering, Architecture, and/or health care, with the goal of building local capacity in low-resource settings around the globe.  To date, we have sponsored Fogarty Fellows in the US, South Africa, and Peru, whose work has focused on GUV, FAST, and building design and ventilation.

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